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Welcome from the morning Chair

Shane O’Donoghue

Shane O’Donoghue

Motoring Correspondent, The Sunday Business Post and Editor, completecar.ie

Policy and market outlook



Shane Ross TD

Shane Ross TD

Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport


OPENING ADDRESS: The future of electric mobility: The global rise of electric vehicles

Frank G. Rieck

Frank G. Rieck

Research Professor, Future Mobility, Rotterdam University and Vice President, The European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (AVERE)


KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Electric cars are great! Aren’t they?

Robert Llewellyn

Robert Llewellyn

Actor, Comedian and Writer, Electric Vehicle advocate and producer of 'Fully Charged', an online series on electric cars and the future of energy and transport


The road to consumer acceptance

Zero Carbon Futures have recently undertaken a number of perception studies on behalf of current clients which have included surveys with both non-EV and EV drivers. Our speaker will commence with revealing some of the perceptions non-EV drivers have on electric cars before moving into some of the topics dominating the conversations of current EV drivers.

Josey Wardle

Josey Wardle

Infrastructure Manager, Zero Carbon Futures, UK


Questions and answers session


Morning Break


Charged: Infrastructure for our future

Denis will address ESB’s role in advancing electric vehicles in Ireland; the global policy measures driving the change to electromobility as well as the advancements in battery and charging technology.

Denis O'Leary

Denis O'Leary

Head of Smart Energy Technologies, ESB

Infrastructure developments


PANEL DISCUSSION: Is the era of the electric vehicle fast approaching for Irish drivers?

  • Tackling the barriers
  • Creating awareness and consumer acceptance
  • Incentivising EV uptake
Frank Barr

Frank Barr

Chairman of Irish EV Owners Association

Alan Nolan

Alan Nolan

Director General, Society for the Irish Motoring Industry

Dr. Cara Augustenborg

Dr. Cara Augustenborg

Environmental Scientist and Chair, Friends of the Earth Europe

EV country focus


CASE STUDY FROM THE UK: Going ultra Low – the UK’s approach to zero emission vehicles

Commitments from successive Governments have ensured the UK is at the forefront of the global transition to electric vehicles and a leader in their development, manufacture, deployment and use. This presentation will describe how a up approach to policy development and delivery is growing the economy, as well as helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution on UK roads.

Bob Moran

Bob Moran

Deputy Head, Office of Low Emission Vehicles, UK


CASE STUDY FROM THE NETHERLANDS: The Netherlands – a living lab for smart charging

Our speaker will elaborate on the recent developments in the Netherlands with regard to EV and smart charging including the national program LLSC (Living Lab Smart Charging), deployment of infrastructure, standardisation, V2G, flexible capacity and the challenges the Netherlands face.

Onoph Caron

Onoph Caron

Head of Elaad (an initiative of the Dutch Grid companies) and Chair of OCA (Open Charge Alliance), Netherlands


Questions and answers session




Welcome back from afternoon chair

Laura Behan

Laura Behan

Head of Climate Change Unit, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport


PANEL DISCUSSION: What Ireland’s car industry needs in terms of policy changes in order to expand the market for EVs

Paulo Alves

Managing Director, BMW Group Ireland

David Thomas

Managing Director, Volvo Car Ireland

Jim Gannon

CEO, SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland)

Patrick Magee

Country Operations Manager, Renault Group Ireland

Next generation technologies


INTERNATIONAL ADDRESS: How digitalisation disrupts the business models in the eMobility world

Digitalisation and softwarisation are changing the rules in the automotive industry and challenge the industry with the need to build new capabilities and organizational forms. In addition to that, traditional players become more and more disintermediated from the drivers/users which leads to less control and revenue in a mobility-driven world. Thus business models like aftersales, dealerships and everything around car-ownership needs to be rethought. This session will address all of these challenges and will try to find answers and strategies.

Christoph Bornschein

Christoph Bornschein

Co-founder and CEO, TLGG GMBH, Germany


Electric vehicles – the case for commercial drivers

Personal car ownership in cities is in decline, whilst the numbers of taxis and delivery vehicles is on the rise. What challenges does this present for cities, and how do we start to get significant number of commercial vehicle drivers to move ultra-low emission alternatives?

Richard Gordon

Richard Gordon

Commercial Director, LEVC (London EV Company)

EV in fleets


CASE STUDY: The future for Fleet: Wrightbus

Wrightbus designs and manufactures buses for the European market, including the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Their product range covers all segments of the market from small and midi-sized buses to full-size single deckers, double deckers and articulated buses and Bus Rapid Transit.

David Barnet

David Barnet

Head of Advanced Engineering and New Technologies, Wrightbus


Questions and answers session


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